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Mya and her favorite toys.

You will be able to find everything from food to treats to toys for your four legged friend. I will be giving opinions and reviews of everything you need for your dog. I welcome all of your comments and your experiences with your dog. Because, as we know, every dog is different and they have a personality all their own.

Are you a dog person!

I grew up with a family dog basically my entire life. A schnauzer, a basset, a chocolate lab, a bichon and now a golden. All great dogs in their own right. And all with different personalities. Each dog had different needs. Some low maintenance, some a little higher maintenance. None the less they all had their special place in our family. And when I met my wife one of her major questions for me was, “Are you a dog person?”

Reviews and Opinions

When I do a review or give an opinion you s hould know I never advocate for anything that will harm any dog. That is to say electric shock collars, while they may have their place, is never my preferred method of training. Our golden, Mya, likes to jump up on people to say hi. We discussed the idea of a shock collar. It was a discussion that lasted a second. Also choke collars, there may be times when they are necessary for training. We do not use one.

Dog food can be a very difficult decision for some. What is the healthiest dog food? Should I buy name brand dog food? Does my dog need organic dog food? When buying all natural dog food what are the best ingredients for my dog? And of course should I buy dry or wet dog food? There are so many options in your dog food aisle at the local pet store. It can be overwhelming. In most cases your veterinarian can steer you in the right direction.

Accessories for your dog is another broad topic. There are many things to think about if you’ve become a new dog owner. Even if you’ve had a dog most of your life there is no shortage of dog accessories that you can get for your pet.

Grooming supplies for your dog is another subject that can be overwhelming. There are so many to choose from. Sometimes your dogs skin can be sensitive to certain products. In this case it’s best to consult your vet. Most of the time we just go with what smells good. I think if your pet is well groomed and taken care of the healthier it is. In Mya’s case, after she’s rolled around in whatever filth is in the woods (poop or dead animal carcass), I don’t know that she likes to be clean?

There are so many subjects to talk about and explore regarding dogs. Please leave a comment and your experiences of what might have worked for you or what didn’t work for you.

Happy Tails, Shane

Shane Clement


  1. When I was considering to get a dog, I have been having so many unanswered questions such as what dog food should I buy him, what accessories to buy just to take him out for a walk etc.

    Maybe you could take each category like dog food, accessories, grooming supplies and make individual topic like how-to or review of some product related.

    I hope you get the idea, thanks!

  2. First of all, your dog is adorable. With regard to the post, I really love how you make it a priority not to do ANYTHING to harm your dog. You recognize that people may find it necessary to use training methods that will cause a certain level of discomfort to your dog, but you don’t personally like partaking in it. I was the same way with my dogs. Not that I was ever the best dog owner, but I always felt way more empathetic than other people when it comes to dogs. They’re people too!

    • Thanks for the comment Sean. I think in most situations most people do what they think is best for the dog as far as training is concerned.

  3. Hello fellow dog lover! Happy to see you have a site focused on dogs. I have 2 dogs–a Maltipoo and a Foxhuahua–both adopted from a shelter. They are my children.

    • Hello Sandra,
      Thanks for dropping by. It is no doubt that our dogs are our children. So happy for your dogs that they were able to find a loving home.
      Thanks again, Shane

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