Dog Food/Nutrition

Arguably the most important aspect of owning a dog. When it comes to dog food and dog treats the nutritional value that it has for your dog is very important. We choose and all natural dog food that is made in the U.S.A. We look for all natural ingredients that are healthy and easy to digest. This can be trial and error for any dog owner. Dogs can be very individual when it comes to food. Some dogs like to eat wet dog food and will spurn your attempts to feed your dog a more affordable dry dog food. Some dogs can also have allergies and thus specific blends of organic or all natural dog food is best for your pet. Also when making a food decision you will quickly find out if your dog  likes it. First will they eat it without coercion and how does your dog respond to the food. When I say “respond” I mean one of the biggest factors of dog health and that is their poop. healthy-dog-food

Nutritious Dog Food

My wife and I always know when our dog, Mya, is in good health. And that is by checking her stool. A dog should typically have solid stools and not have diarrhea by our standards. If your dog is leaving regular, solid stools then you know your dog is in good health. We can always tell if Mya has been eating “human” food. Typically she’s been at Grandma’s house where she gets table scraps. When she comes home she has a tendency to leave very loose stools in the yard and if they are too bad she has been known to go in the house (only because she isn’t able to make it outside especially if we are at work). This became an easy fix for us. We just told Grandma and Auntie (My wife’s sister) that “the vet said we need to stop feeding her human food.” See, an easy fix. We just used the excuse of the dog’s health to get them to stop giving her human food. Often times we think we are being kind and loving by giving the dog a “treat” of human food. When more often than not it will upset their stomach. Now I would be hypocritical if I said I never did that. The truth is I limit her treats to the occasional scrap of fatty meat from steak or bacon. But I honestly do limit her scraps to one or two pieces. I’m very careful to limit her treats because I’m typically the one that cleans the yard.

Choosing Dog Food

As with most things choosing dog food can be a daunting task. When in a pet store in the dog food aisle we typically think:

  • What dog food is the most cost effective
  • Is generic dog food just as good as name brand healthy-happy-dogs
  • What dog food will my dog like
  • Should I buy wet dog food
  • Should I buy organic dog food
  • Is the dog food all natural
  • Where is the dog food made

I think you see my point. There are many options to weigh when choosing. As I said before it can be a trial and error process. It can also be very dependent on cost. And if troubles still persist, it’s quite possible your veterinarian can be very helpful when making a choice.

That is a lot to think about. And we haven’t even covered dog treats. Although I think the same principles apply to choosing dog treats.

As always, would love to hear from you. Let me know what works for you or what hasn’t worked.

Happy Trails,