Clean Up Season Is Here: A Pooper Scooper Review

Doggy Clean Up!

If you live in an area where the snow has just melted and the flowers are thinking about p

The Wee Wee rake for easy clean up.

The Wee Wee rake.

opping up then it’s also time to clean up the yard! I will review a pooper-scooper that I think works great. I will also mention some alternatives for those dog owners that might not have a yard or green area for their dog.

The Wee Wee Rake

This is an excellent pooper scooper for your yard. The rake easily combs through grass while picking up the poop. Unlike a shovel or shovel type scoop, the rake rarely leaves a mess or smear in the grass.


The Wee Wee wire rake for easy doggy clean up.

The Wee Wee wire rake for easy doggy clean up.

  • ease of pickup
  • ease of disposal
  • does not dig into your yard
  • does not leave smear mess
  • easy storage and cleaning
  • Price (about $10.00)


  • sticks and leaves can get stuck
  • prongs can get bent

The Mutt Mitt

Mutt Mitt

Mutt Mitt

The Mutt Mitt is the perfect pooper picker upper when you take your pooch for walks. The Mutt Mitt is convenient for storage (in your pocket) and ease of use. The Mutt Mitt is double plied so pick up is easy and leaves you clean. After pick up, tie it off and dispose in the garbage leaving your path clean and walker friendly.


  • easy storage
  • clean, easy pick up
  • double ply plastic pick up


  • You may have to carry a full bag on your walk before you find a garbage can to dispose of it.

    The Mutt Mitt for Easy Pick-Up

    The Mutt Mitt for Easy Pick-Up

Affordable and Easy to Use

The Wee Wee Rake and the Mutt Mitt are two great choices for pooper scooper pick up. Both are very affordable and easy to use.

I hope this review has been helpful for you. Let me know what you think or if you have something that works for you.

Happy Tails,



Shane Clement


  1. Love this pooper scooper! We have a lovely area in our community for walking. They have garbage cans at the beginning of trails with bags to take, but nobody uses them. It amazes me that people allow their dogs to go over the path without picking it up. These tools make it so darn easy to use and I say keep one in your car and keep one at home to use. You just can’t beat that price either.

    • Hi Linda,
      We have this problem on a public path also. And, there are cans about every 1/4 mile and some Mutt Mitt stations as well. We have Mutt Mitts stashed in so many places. It’s so easy and the double plied plastic makes it easy to pick up and clean!

  2. The Mutt Mitt looks like a great idea. I used to always carry the plastic grocery bags but now my area has banned them. While I’m really happy about the ban, I have a dwindling supply of the bags and need a new solution. These look way sturdier than the thin bags anyway. Thanks!

    • Susie,
      I can understand the ban if the bags are not being disposed of properly and are littering the area. The Mutt Mitt is a smaller bag and easy to dispose of. And you are right they are MUCH sturdier than the thin, plastic grocery bags. The thin bags can be very off-putting when having to pick up dog poop. The Mutt Mitt’s two ply pick up design makes it less so. I highly recommend this product. The price is right and easy to store and dispose of!
      Thanks for commenting, Shane

  3. That is a necessary device to me if you have a dog. I hate it when I go to do someone’s lawn and it is full of poop. I need to pull this up on my phone and show it to the ones I am speaking about. Thanks for the info.

    • Ronnie,
      Yeah, I hear you. This thing is easy to store, quick to use and doesn’t leave a mess behind. And the price is right.
      Thanks, Shane

  4. The Wee Wee Rake looks much simpler than a traditional pooper scooper! I like to use biodegradable poop bags as i go threw so many of them.

    • Hi Nikki.
      Thanks for the comment. Yeah. We swear by the WEE WEE Rake. That could be the downfall of the Mutt Mitt is that it is not biodegradable.

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