Choosing the Best Dog Food!

Choosing the Best Dog Food

Mya - Happy and Healthy

Mya- A happy, healthy dog!

We are lucky, my wife successfully found a dog food that is all natural, healthy and that Mya can easily tolerate. I can walk in to our local pet store and pick out her food without giving it a second thought. But, this got me to thinking. Is everyone as lucky as we are? I know the answer would be no. As I’ve mentioned before, dogs are very individual in many ways.

When it begins

I think it all it all starts when they are puppies. Whether we have a breed that will be small, medium or large we let our preconceived notions guide our choices of dog food. Most of us start with some sort of “kibble” or dry puppy food. I also think that, because of advertising, we may be drawn to name brands that we are familiar with. But, how do you know which one to buy?

The Healthiest Choice of Dog Food

I married into ready made dog family. I refer to Mya as my furry step-daughter. So, I should give all credit to my wife when it comes to dog food choices. But, I am well aware of what drove her to make the decision of Mya’s dog food. Number one, it had to be all natural dog food. Number two, it ¬†had to be manufactured in the U.S. (due to reports of pet food manufactured outside of the U.S. did not face the same demands on quality control). Number three, the dog food had to be easy for Mya to tolerate. She then found a brand that was affordable and it stuck ever since. Now, I think, if you can afford organic dog food that may be the way to go. Organic now a days carries a lot of weight when we think about health and wellness even for us. With that logic¬†organic should be good for our pets.

Making the Choice

So how do we make the choice. First and foremost consult your veterinarian. They will be aware of the most recent research regarding nutrition for your dog. Look at the ingredients. Dog food high in carbohydrates could lead to an increase in weight, an increase of bowel movements and decrease in overall energy. The other thing, I think we all do, is to look at the main ingredients and think to ourselves “Hmm, that sounds good!” and if it sounds good to us then it must taste good to our dog. Steak (apologies to vegetarians) tastes good, our dogs salivate for it and may even get a little taste from our plate. We know they like it. Which is why when looking a dog food ingredients we reason that if we would eat, in regular form, our dogs would like it.

The Bottom Line

Shane and Mya

Shane, the author, and Mya

The ultimate decision is up to you. There hasn’t been any research showing that organic dog food is ultimately better. All natural dog food has just as good of a message as organic dog food. The proof is in the calories and carbohydrates. Just like us, added calories and carbohydrates will equal added weight and decreased energy which also effects the long term health of our dog. Additionally budget does have an effect on our decision. When doing your comparison shopping determine if you can afford a little extra money for added nutritional benefits. Your dog will thank you.

Happy Trails, Shane

Shane Clement


  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials between Purina and Blue Buffalo. I think Blue Buffalo’s main selling point was it’s ingredients and how meat is the first while Purina’s not. Does that make Blue better than Purina in your opinion?

    • Hi Will,
      This something I would like to look into. We are buyers of the brand Wellness because of it’s healthy ingredients. But I have seen the Blue Buffalo is popular as well.

  2. Hello Shane,

    Choosing the best dog food can be a challenge since there are so many out there on the market.
    Plus, based on my experience a dog can be very whimsical when it comes to a food that it loves.
    The goal I think is to always provide a healthy and quality food!

    • Thanks for commenting Asen,
      Agreed. Whimsical is good word describing a dog and the food that they love!

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