Dog Accessories dog-harness

When I think of dog accessories, I immediately think of :

  • dog collars/ leashes
  • bowls for food
  • dog beds
  • toys
  • grooming products

You get the idea, it’s a wide ranging subject.

How many times have you walked into your local pet supply store and wandered around checking out all the cool accessories for your dog? It can be overwhelming but, we want our dog to have the latest and greatest. I invariably always gravitate to the old standby dog accessories that I already know that my dog loves.

For many new dog owners this can be a trial and error task. For instance. I have a golden retriever. Her name is Mya. And Mya can be considered small for a golden, but she is a “medium” sized dog. Over time my wife and I have come to discover that Mya could really care less about certain rawhide chew toys. We’ ve offered them several times thinking “What dog wouldn’t want to chew on this? It looks so good!” Well, inevitably it gets thrown away and Mya is perfectly content with her “stuffed” toys that she just loves to thrash and tear apart.¬†dog-accessories

I’ll be talking a lot about what works for us and what Mya really loves.

I’d love to hear from you about what accessories you and your dog really like.


  1. I love shopping for accessories for our dogs… in fact so much that every time I end up with so much more than what I came for. We have an Italian greyhound and a Chiweenie and they are somethin’ else. Love them to death but it’s so funny how they are all SO different. Love your comments about Mya. I bet she is a sweetie. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Jen. What did you think of the site thus far? What should I think about adding as I continue to build the site?

    • Thanks Carrie. I will definitely check out the Furminator. We could always use a good brush for Mya.

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