About Me


Mya after a swim in the river.

Hello and welcome to My Dog Plus!

My name is Shane and I am a self described “dog person.” I have grown up having a family dog for most of my life with the exception of my wayward twenties. I’m married now and have three children and one fur child. Nora, Lila, Luke and their furry sister Mya. When I met my wife, Connie, I had already had Nora and Lila. She was in for a ready made family. But, she had one question for me, “Are you a dog person?” My answer to that question sealed the deal. About 9 months later we were one big family and then later Luke came along. There are few things we don’t do, as a family, without bringing Mya.

We live in an area where we are blessed with great dog friendly parks and trails. My wife started training Mya right away for life off the leash. Off the leash is when Mya is happiest. She loves to romp in the woods and especially loves to play chase when she meets other dogs. Mya is a very friendly golden retriever. Of course not all dogs can handle being off the leash and just like us they all have their own personality. And even the sweetest dogs sometimes need to be leashed and kept at a distance from other dogs or people. Let’s face it. Some people just aren’t “dog people.” My wife and I joke, “If a person doesn’t love dogs, they can’t be trusted.”

Part of the Family

As you know your dog is a big part of your family. Almost like having a sibling. And, like me, you want the best for your dog. I know that caring for your dog, especially food, can be expensive. But, sometimes paying a little extra can be beneficial to keeping your dog healthy and happy. We do our best to provide nutritious, all natural dog food and treats for Mya.

My Dog Plus! will aim to provide you with helpful information about food, treats, toys, training, accessories and much more, when making decisions for the wellness of your dog.

If you ever have any questions I will be more than happy to answer you.man's-best-friend

Have a great day!